Toxic Negativity

We've been there.

It's not our best side.

Toxic Negativity.

It's a side that we let out/unleash to unsuspecting people.

We do it away with those we know.

I mean after all, who wants our positive peeps to know WE have a negative side.

They can be negative, but not us!

Yes COVID has tried you. Again, again and yet again.

We don't know what to do, we lash out. We can't talk it out with others we trust.

Why not?

We don't want those to know we are having a rough time.

We most likely have already shown others this side of us.

We will say snippy little things, we will act like we ARE everything and it can't be us, guess what? WE'VE BECOME A TOXIC NEGATIVE PERSON!

Oh well maybe just a little.

Sure a little negative......NOPE - lots! We don't realize how we are acting, because we get use to it. We are use to our self being this way. We are negative from the time we wake until we go to bed. Hateful?! Ughhhhhhhh.

You don't understand Ruth, I have this and this and this going on.

And you're the only one in this world with all of THAT going on?

EVERYONE is having a hard time adjusting.

What makes you think you are the only one?

It's hitting home and don't know what to do.

Sounds like you have to reach out and ask for help.

What? I can't do that! Me? Ask for help?


We are changing.

We have to figure out how to ask for help in dealing with this negativity. Google how to find help, ask someone, phone a friend.

We have become so sensitive that no one can say anything to anyone without someone getting jumped on. Really people?

From a social media post to a in person what we thought was a conversation.

Tempers flare and the next thing you know you are mad again or still. You can't keep track it, it happens so often. No one can say or do anything to make you happy. Heck, the weather won't even cooperate for YOU to have a good weekend. (huge eye roll) 🙄

Why the negativity?

Why the anger?

You're in so deep you don't even know at this point.

Maybe COVID is actually showing you who you really are.

Maybe COVID is showing sides of people we have never seen.

Maybe COVID is showing us we need to help each other out and put all judgement aside.

Maybe COVID_________. You fill in the blank but you're getting the idea.

First - from the beginning of COVID, students came thru for me and the studio.

Donations came in and are still coming in.

THANK YOU and I can't thank you enough. These donations as you know keep the doors open.

I/Ruth/Inhale Yoga have given free yoga away to those who need it.

(If you are an Inhale Yoga student contact me)

I/Ruth/Inhale Yoga supplied yoga mats to those who needed them free of charge.

I/Ruth/Inhale Yoga has talked out many discussions for those who need to talk to someone, no charge. I can listen pretty well. I have given up my family time/ free time to listen.

I/Ruth/Inhale Yoga have donated to the local food bank and supported local businesses were we can.

I/Ruth/Inhale Yoga on social media supports other local businesses. Posted on social media, I am featuring local businesses. All I ask in return (is you feature Inhale Yoga on yours) Message me your information and I'll post it on social media,


O! So Chic Boutique

located in the Water Tower Shopping Center near Brooks BBQ was featured on social media by Inhale Yoga.

Help each other out either person to person or business to business.

If we can't do this now, when can we?

Breathe, we WILL get through this.

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