• Ruth Ann Dunkerly

Upcoming changes in January 1, 2021.

Yes, it's that time of the year when I really have to think ahead


begin planning my next year.

January 1, 2021 there will be a price increase to the monthly purchase options


monthly memberships, and family plans.

This will affect ALL monthly purchase options. (family plan second person & private classes)

Current memberships ARE NOT AFFECTED!

You are locked into that price (until you cancel)

The price increase for the monthly will go from $70 to $80.

Inhale Yoga LLC has been and is STILL the best value for yoga each month, weekly and drop in even when we have the price increase in 2021.

COVID has affected us all


I am no exception.

To 'lock in' on the current price of $70 you can purchase a month as save it as a gift certificate for later use. (gift certificates will now expire one year after purchase.)

Gift certificates that are banked now are not affected.

Just make sure you click on 'this is a gift' (check✅ the box) when you purchase online.

January 1 and thereafter are.

You can also purchase a monthly membership at $70 a month now up until December 31, 2020 and this will lock you into that price.

Eg: Students who have originally purchased a monthly membership when I first opened are locked in at the $65 a month.

You can cancel at any time but it does go to the current price when you renew.

I'm very sorry.

I will not honor previous pricing.

Family plans will have the main person at $80 a month unlimited membership

the second person will go to $55 a month unlimited.

If the main person cancels their membership the secondary person assumes the regular price of $80 or may cancel also. There are NO CONTRACTS. (you can tell me in person or via email)

We are all going thru challenging times.

As a business owner I make choices all the time to positively affect the business and keep the studio in business.

I am not taking this lightly.

Since mid March 2020 when we were all first quarantined at home.

I have given away (free) yoga to MANY students who have lost their jobs & had their hours cut, etc.

Provided free yoga mats,

Provided free homemade face masks to students who needed them,

Taken on the extra expenses of zoom to bring you livestream


online waivers thru our yoga software (that isn't free to studio's)


spent hours talking to students trying to figure out IT situations

and more.

All person's / businesses as we know have been affected globally.

We're all in this together.

Kindly remember if you want me to remain here, please don't forget about your local yoga studio. Online donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

THANK YOU to ALL who have donated

I am working hard like ALL other small businesses to remain open


bring you peace of mind and spirit thru this pandemic.

The schedule and hours are different at this time.

I am offering two (maybe three on some days) classes a day with 2 hours cleaning in between.

(I make no exception to the cleaning schedule - it's a must for our health and well being)

There is a limited amount of students that can come to the studio and there are NO DROP IN'S. Meaning, you can't just walk up and expect to be able to take a class.

ALL students MUST preregister for classes now.

Please visit the website for studio and COVID etiquette.


I follow the CDC and State guidelines in being able to have classes in studio.

If many more students begin coming to class, that is when I will go to reopening up the weekends again and MAYBE put on 3 classes a day.

One morning, one afternoon and one evening - maybe.

Why maybe? Depends on how the economy is doing during the pandemic.

This means I need to have what I call a full class consistently.

After many weeks of consistently 'full classes' , I will add more.

If attendance drops, those classes will drop also.


Private classes prices follow the monthly prices.

Private Classes will go from $70 each class to $80 each class.

Multi month's will also be affected.

Eg: 3 private classes for $180 will go to $210.

Trouble logging on to purchase or sign up for classes?

use this link to bypass the website

​Copy and paste this link: https://domoreyoga.inhaleyogallc.com/student

Please use a browser other then Chrome and allow for third party cookies with your device you are using.

Thank you for your understanding.

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