Using your Gift Certificates

Updated: Jul 29


This was originally sent out at the end of June 2021.

There are no exceptions for gift certificate redemption.

(please do not ask - I am a business owner and I want to remain open - these are the calls business owners face day to day in staying open for business as the pandemic continues)

ALL gift certificates MUST be used (at 1/2 value now) or anything over one year old... will expire September 22, 2021.

If you are not continually using your gift certificate's to use them, the above applies.

I feel I've been more than fair in extending the usage and I still have not seen some students in studio or livestream since either early in the pandemic or not at all.

You can: Sell your gift certificates (since most are 'deals' - to someone at a reduced rate to re-coop some funds back.

Contact me (or if you're upset with me, have them contact me) and tell me who will be using it so I can add that name.

There are no gift certificates able to be purchased unless you contact me and we can speak.


July 1, 2021 beings in 5 days.....

Keep reading.

Back in the good ol' days, you could purchase a gift certificate and 'bank' it until you were ready to use it.

What happened - you can't do that now?


You can purchase a gift certificate but it's ONLY good for one year from purchase date.

Banking it for during that one year time frame only.

What happened?

COVID-19 happened.

All businesses had to go into survival mode really quick.

I have gift certificates what do I do?

The gift certificate NEEDS to be redeemed by Ruth (yes - you have to contact me and I'll redeem if for you) in order for you to sign up for class.


Any place you go, your gift certificates WILL expire after one year or less.

People/students who purchased and banked them, they've been sitting there in some cases since 2018.

Since COVID, nothing is the same including the policy on gift certificates.

All gift certificates WILL expire ONE YEAR from purchase.

Older gift certificates....

You haven't been back to the studio for various reasons.....

I've been re-opened since June 2020.

1) I gave different options to use the gift certificates

2) Upgraded some gift certificates to accommodate a every so changing world

3) You messaged me and told me you were going to use haven't.

All businesses made changes.

Everyone of us: Doctor's offices, restaurant menu's to the basic, limited products every where you go...

Hours changed, employees sometimes changed, policies changed, etc.

We were made to adapt. People don't want to work since they make more on unemployment. (as I hear on the news)

Everyone is hiring and jobs are not getting filled.

Trying to remain open has been a challenge for all of us.

I am a small business and not a corporation who can take the hard hits.

With everything the studio has gone thru since this ALL started, older gift certificates if not redeemed WILL lose value to half on July 1, 2021.

One month will be 2.5 weeks.

3 months will go to a month and a half.

Once year will go to 6 months.

A single class will have no value because you can't cut one class in half value.

By the end of the summer, (the last day of summer is Wednesday, Sept.22, 2021)

ALL older gift certificates will fully expire and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

Why not?

I have given everyone the change to redeem their gift certificates & begin to use them.

If you have multiple gift certificates and you do not begin to redeem them PRIOR to July 1, 2021, those gift certificates will got to 1/2.

If still not used, by Sept. 22, 2021 all gift certificates one year from purchase date will expire.

More Options:

You can sell your gift certificate to someone (in trying to recoup some of your money)

Print this up and give them a copy.

Please share with me their full name and their contact info (phone and email) so I can make the appropriate changes in the software.

If you do not, they can not use it since I was not made aware.


You can 'gift' your gift certificate to someone so they can redeem it.

NOTE: If you gift your gift certificate or sell it, all above still applies with loss of value from 1/2 to full (by Sept. 22, 2021.)

If you have multiple, as long as you are constantly using them they will not lose value.

Once you don't redeem them, the value is either decreased or lost depending on the date.

They/You need to use it.

Maybe one day this will all change.

We didn't see this pandemic coming and affect us like it did.

I can understand that I have many students that may be mad or upset with me, but like ALL other businesses I am trying to remain open and survive just like everyone else.

Heck, I could of just voided all of them, but I'm giving you a change to use these.

Food for thought: while you might be angry at me -

If I would have closed (and I'm trying very hard not to) those gift certificates would have been completely lost just like any other business that sold gift cert. and they closed.

PLEASE request to redeem your gift certificates,

Sell any remaining


gift them.

Thank you for understanding as we just try to make our way thru this pandemic.


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