Virtual Audio Attendance at Inhale Yoga LLC

With the newest information on the Coronavirus Hype, Inhale Yoga is implementing the virtual audio attendance soon.

These are NOT free classes. You will still have to purchase for virtual audio classes.

You will be able to listen to your favorite class and practice at home. Please remember when you are practicing and knowing your own limitations all on your own. If you go on vacation you can take me with you. When I go on R&R there will be no classes uploaded but you can go back and listen to other classes. (yea!)

Ruth (I) am getting what I need together to bring this to you soon.

My supplies have been ordered and PLEASE follow on social media (like the page on Facebook) and follow on Instagram for announcements. Subscribe to the Inhale Yoga Newsletter on the website.

What do I do and how can I listen?

I am getting clarity from Tula on how to do this, this will take me a bit of time and trial and error on my part as a human being in order to bring this to you.

For the first week I am offering this open to anyone - the end of the week) Sunday which will start the new week it will be open to only those with current purchase or purchase of unlimited credits (memberships - yearly or monthly packages)

1st - You'll need to create a Tula Account which is on on the page: See photo below.

This will allow you to see all of your purchases and when your unlimited credits run out if you haven't purchased a membership.

(**March Membership Drive** $60 auto withdrawal off of you debit or credit card every 30 consecutive days - reg. $70)

You can purchase one month and not a membership if you want. You can purchase a drop in or 4 classes for $45 for those who want to come to the studio - you have many options.

This will cost no extra to you as a student but eventually a monthly purchase is needed for this offer after my trial and error week.

I can't change this option this is the software companies program. Sorry folks.

The chair class will not be offered as a virtual class due to health related concerns and your health is very important to me. These classes are in person only with a class count of 5 maximum.

Classes WILL STILL BE OPEN AT INHALE YOGA LLC!!! (let's hope this virus passes soon!)

If class attendance drops to 3-4 people, a virtual audio class will be the only option.

The class will be closed until this virus passes and folks feel comfortable to come back to the studio (let's hope the closing doesn't happen!)

Inhale Yoga is perpetually cleaning the studio for your safety in coming in to practice. All handles, floors, etc. are being cleaned for your protection and mine.

Inhale Yoga is accepting donations for Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, Clorox toilet cleaner with bleach, etc. (I am very appreciative of those who have donated cleaning supplies to the studio!!!! _/\_) Hand sanitizer is needed at the front sign in desk - I'm till trying to find it for all of you! Soap and water is plentiful!

I will try to answer your questions as I learn also as best as I can.


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