Waaaaaaay too much!

Somethings can be a bit much, like an overload to your body, your mind.

Has anyone ever made you angry and you hold it and hold it until you explode?

Way to many people are blowing their lids over anything and everything.

Social media - nothing you post even if it's meant to be positive can be taken wrong or some will find something to complain about, they go looking.

Have we lost it in quarantine?

Why is it so hard being alone?

What stresses have made you go over the edge?

Can't we all just get along?

The anger is out of control.

Everyone is in the same boat and people we are not doing well.

No one is exempt in this world right now with this virus.

Did this virus create the anger or has it been there all along and its surfacing?

There was a recent post on social media (and someone went looking for something I felt to start trouble). I caught it and it's been deleted, but....maybe a few have read it.

I was diffusing the situation before it escalated into more.

In a world with so much hate and anger someone has to be a beacon of light.

Can you be that person?

I'm not talking soap box just some down to earth kindness.

Stopping haters from hating. Trolling to agitate people.

Stop a post on social media but do it with kindness. Delete it so it doesn't anger or upset others who are trying to keep their own wits end about life right now. Let admin. know if you come across it in a group, unfollow (it's not deleting) some friends for now, they are just having a rough time. They are not finding the proper positive way of self expression.

Anger is a huge negative emotion.

Yes you have every right to be angry or upset.

But what you don't have the right to do is to hurt others in the process of your own anger.

Think about that.

Make a wrong right. Own your anger. Talk about it.

If you post on social media be brave enough to say you are not handling your anger well.

I bet you might have people who will reach out to you. If not - ASK FOR HELP!

Owning your own anger is the first step.

We can't fix all of this anger over night but we can start with our selves and move forward from there.

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