❄Weather Alerts

❄ Weather Alerts for this week and next week. ❄

Not all days, but the schedule will change up a bit.

Since having the website changed I have devised a plan to let everyone know by marking it on the calendar that it's a weather alert day. You can't miss it.

You'll See: ❄Weather Alert

This week, Thursday and Friday we might experience an ice storm. I made the call since some folks have to drive in from Prince George, Richmond or even the other side of Chesterfield from home or work. There are many factors in making my choices.

Instead of shutting down completely, I'm back to my dining room (see photo below) and I'll teach Thursday and Friday classes via Zoom.

Zoom is free for you, it's included in your monthly purchase option.

Do not pay for a plan with Zoom.

Download it to whatever device you want to use.

Let me know hours before class if you are having problems.

Chair students: I'll message you as you sign up for Friday's class at 1pm.

You'll need an armless chair and make sure your practice surface is nonslip or put your mat down first.

PLEASE try not to let me know 15-30 minutes prior to class.

Reason: Sometimes it takes time to correct.

This will give us the time to try to find an answer for you.

The links on the website are called: View Broadcast. (Click on it )

They can only be seen with a paid unlimited purchase option.

As a back up I'll send you a link in the email one hour before class.

This option is for anyone with any unlimited purchase option.

If there is ANY problem, contact me!

Leave me a voicemail if you call or email me.

We'll stay home and do our class from there.

Better to be safe then sorry.

The Thursday night class will be a Vinyasa 60 since most do not have supplies needed for the scheduled Yin & Yang Class.

This way you will just need your mat.

Remember, it doesn't matter what your house looks like, it doesn't matter if you practice in your kitchen, bathroom or closet.

We're all together for our practice, that is the most important thing.

SUNDAY: Sunday might be a weather alert day.

I'll make that call when we get closer and they know more.

I've tried to put this class on for the last 2 weeks.

I need at least 3 people for livestream.

If you are interested sign up.

Registration is filled for Sunday 'In STUDIO'.

If you want to take livestream as an option (due to the weather) - sign up!

No sign up's - no class.

You'll need wall space, pillows (bed or floor), your mat and anything else you might like for deep relaxation.

Message me with any concerns.

Livestream again is available with any unlimited purchase option.

It looks like there might be weather alerts for next week but I'm waiting until we know more.

I'll get the schedule up for next week soon.

Stay tuned, we are still in winter.

Always check the calendar or follow me, Instagram or like me on Facebook (Inhale Yoga Ruth) I post on social media when there are changes.

Look for our logo!

Inhale Yoga LLC

6931 Commons Plaza

Chesterfield, VA 23832



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