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Website Under Construction 🔧🔨

I blog so you can go to the website and look back on information.

Newsletters disappear into the cyber world after you delete them.


I have the website under construction. 🔨🔧⚙

(and for those of you who unsubscribed I have deleted you from your subscriptions but it sometimes takes a round or two before you receive no more. Thanks for your patience. )

You can fully access the website

while I'm working on it.

The website will serve you much better.

No worries about which server you are on and getting out of whatever you favor since my website didn't like it. No more!

I have added buttons, condensed information on pages for your easier access.

I hope you try it out soon.

Yes you can visit the website and try out those buttons.

I had a few test students check it out and all works very well.

I'll be changing the look of the website over the next few weeks for easier access.

Just follow the menu bar for what you are looking for.

Some menu titles might change, again - for clarity on the page.

YES!!!! It's all working and you can access the schedule, pay for classes and create your account all on one page.


COVID has bought many changes and I am learning more and more each day. This week has been a doozy.

Thanks to Tula who guided me with the button option.

I had to implement it for it to work and it works great.

Yes it's another new thing to get use to but its quick and easy information faster.

Some pages are missing. For easier access I removed them and brought some things to other pages. I am still working on the new look.

All of my students mean the world to me and when covid hit and the website wasn't cooperating, browsers had to change - I panicked.




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