Weekly Membership** Trial Offer

Beginning today, May 29, 2020 - Inhale Yoga LLC is offering a weekly membership** trial offer!

What does that mean? ✔

For $25* for the month of June, you will have unlimited one weeks access to audio, livestream and when we open, classes at the studio. It auto-renews the same day each week.

✔*I am asking you for a one cycle commitment. This means you pay for one week and it renews one more week, otherwise this option isn't the best option for you at this time. After two cycles / payments - cancel at anytime, I don't need a reason. Email, call or text me.

While in quarantine we only have a monthly purchase option for $70 - or a membership (auto-renew every 30 days).

The weekly membership is ONLY available as a membership for $25 trial offer. After June 30, 2020 it will go up just a tad. This membership locks you in at this price and when the price does go up it will not affect you. Depending on how it's received, I will decide whether to keep this option or remove it.

What will change? ✔

Virtual Audio and Unlimited Audio / Livestream Payment Option...keep reading!

The monthly unlimited and monthly membership allow you the same unlimited access to audio, livestream and in person classes.

What's going away? ✔

Livestream and audio on the payment options - The monthly options give you the SAME THING. I created those options to help everyone out visually at the beginning of quarantine. You won't see those anymore and the monthly gives you ALL the same! 😁

🙏 Thank you Everyone! 🙏




** Memberships not available as gift certificates

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