• Ruth Ann Dunkerly

Who would be interested?

I have been thinking about my students. I miss you ALL!

I have the virtual audio for you.

1) Request a password from Tula and create your account

2) log in and go to register for class and click on 'Listen'

Here's what I'm thinking about.....

Live classes. 😊

I would create an event thru Tula OR possibly have one of the regular classes have an option for it to be live.

Class prices would be the same. I can't see the reason to increase a price due to people not having their regular work hours/pay, possible job loss or a huge cut in pay due to this virus.

I would however have a donation option (for anyone to donate) on the payment section if you want to donate but it's not necessary.

I would see you, you would see me and the class! But you would be practicing from wherever you are.

What I am asking......WHO IS INTERESTED?


I am looking for a certain number of people who are TRULY interested in this option.

I know we can say yes now but I really want you to think about it - if you would really want a live option and use it.

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