Yes, I'm Open

June 6, I re-opened the studio with 2 classes a day. I did make these announcements via social media, in audio & in the June Newsletter also announcing the COVID studio etiquette along with the other studio etiquette.

Here is the link to the June Newsletter in case you missed it:

Many feel more comfortable at home taking their classes livestream or audio. These features will stay with Inhale Yoga. I've come to like what they bring to the studio.

My specialty is health related concerns. Those with health concerns I leave it to you whether you feel more comfortable practicing at home or wanting to come to the studio.

Every student that enters, MUST WEAR A MASK!

It can be a shirt over your nose and face, any face mask of any kind - your temperature check MUST BE DONE. No check or mask - no class. If you temp. runs high - I will try it again and if it runs high again, please understand that it's in the best interest of the studio including myself and others that you come back another day. If you are not feeling well, please practice with me on livestream at home or another day.

During COVID please do not challenge my choices in keeping the studio healthy, myself and others. I will have to turn you away.

Once your temp. has been cleared, you may then remove your face mask, under phase 2 we are allowed to remove them. Directly after class, I will put mine back on.

😷Students are 6 1/2 feet apart and the floor is clearly marked where to place your mat. There are no loaner mats or blankets, you must bring your own mat and/or blanket, towel or sweatshirt to keep you warm during deep relaxation. I have fabric sanitizer for the bolsters and yes the covers are also washed, blocks and foam wedges available.

😷Wall classes are required to wear white socks or light colored socks for this class, no exceptions.

😷There are no more than 10 of us total including me.

😷I am an allergy sufferer. I am doing all that I can do to limit my coughing and sneezing. If you are bothered please practice at another time.

😷Please remain 6 feet apart and remember that not all are comfortable yet.

😷There is no signing in when you walk thru the door. I will check you in after temp. check.


You MUST register for class online or contact me for further information. No exceptions.

If you are new please fill out your waiver ahead of time, Waivers are available on the website.

😷Please prepay for your classes to limit contact. If you prefer in person payment I kindly ask you for the correct amount or a premade out check is also acceptable. You may call me or contact me for further information. 804-229-6961.

😷The water fountains are off limits during COVID. You may bring water in a spill proof, shatter proof bottle. NO glass not even the bottles with the rubber on the outside. They do shatter. (and yes I had to clean it up)

😷No hands on adjustments, all verbal.

If I have to touch you to prevent harm to the body, I will wear gloves and a mask & hand sanitize in between.

Inhale Yoga has a sanitizing station at the front door. Several kinds of sanitizer, antibacterial tissues, disposable face masks and sanitizer where you take your shoes off to come onto the practice floor. The carpet is sprayed with sanitizer after its cleaned.

There is ample soap in the bathrooms for hand washing. The studio is thoroughly cleaned & sanitized before and after each class.

Please register for class when you see ALL registrations have been opened.

What if I register for class when only a few classes are open? Most likely I'm on the other side, I am working on the schedule and if you register, I will deregister you if I need to move somethings around on the schedule. Once the schedule is completed, I will open all registrations.

I have added emoji's to help find livestream and in studio easier.

💻 = Livestream. You take your class at home or wherever you are (these are available only with a weekly membership or monthly unlimited purchase options)

🏠 = in studio. You come to the studio for class and please deregister if you can not come to class, this opens the space up for someone else.

🌳 = Private Class

😎 = Ruth R&R.

It will also have the class name. This weeks focus are evening classes. There are a few morning classes. I am trying to give everyone a fair chance in getting their classes in. If no one comes to class (in studio & livestream), there will be no audio linked. If there are multiple classes that students do not attend, it will not be offered unless a request is made for the following week.

Our new norm will take us some time to adjust. I am open for *requests on classes and class times. If there is something you have not seen on the schedule with a time slot I will do my best in getting it on the schedule. I request you email me: or call me: 804-229-6961.

*Not all requests can be honored.

Namaste 🙏

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