You're new and I get it.

You signed up for your first yoga class, now what?

Scared to come to class.


What will others think?

Will I catch on?

What was I thinking?

The list of questions can be endless.

Everyone has had their first day.

Like anything we start, we will be a little out of water since we're learning. No one knows what the teacher will do. They are wondering just like you.

They show up, I break it down and it some cases we try it a few times and move onto something else. Can you fall out of a pose ? Yep, you can and I have also while teaching. It happens.

I had my first try at yoga many years ago.

I had my first studio class years ago.

Like anything, the more you practice the better you become. I am still learning.

You can come with someone else but it's still you and your yoga mat.

We have ALL had our first day, something brought us back to the mat whether the experience was good or bad. We continue to find the right fit with the studio, with a teacher or in a certain class. Just don't give up.

Each day will and can bring new challenges. We have our good days, better days and great days. We could of slept wrong, something could be weighting on our heart, etc. whatever it is we hit the mat and move forward.

This IS hard! Well, sometimes it's not easy.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it. We hit the mat for many reasons: to burn off ego, to burn off our bad day, to find our Self in that one hour. The list goes on.


You don't worry about the person next to you, they are there for their own reason(s) also.

There are students who are fabulous in everything they set out to do. That wasn't me when I first started. I fell out of poses left and right, yelled and screamed at the tv (I was first taught by a dvd/vhs whatever it was back then, lol.) But something kept me coming back. I found a local studio which held about 6 students and my practice grew.

Enters me!


It wasn't pretty.

But I was willing to do the work and I am still learning.

I get it.

I had more 'bad' days in practice then it seemed like anyone can imagine.

I practiced next to this guy was who fabulous.

His poses - perfect each and every time.

My teacher would talk to me like I am expressing to you, we got to start somewhere. She taught me how to clean up my practice and I loved being with others, the energy in the room and the togetherness yoga brought.

I practiced as often as my schedule allowed. The guy next to me taught me also by encouraging me not to give up. (he comes to the Inhale Yoga studio!)


You're new.

I get it.

See you in your first yoga class.

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