Studio Etiquette

VISIT THE COVID 19 Page First!


There are a few basic things you need to know to help maintain a peaceful experience.


There is no talking 2-3 minutes before class begins. Please use this time to reflect or meditate.



  • Refrain from wearing perfume scents/essential oils. Many individuals have medical concerns and need to breathe in a fragrance free environment.

  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to class. 

  • Classes START ON TIME by the world clock. Ruth makes sure her phone clock is matching to the world clock. Once class starts the door is locked and a sign is placed in the window that class has begun. Please make sure you are a few minutes early coming to class. Contact Ruth for further information. 

  • Please turn off cell phones or better yet, leave them in the car. Apple (I) Watches and checking and answering them is not advised. Practice at another time if you are expecting a message or call. There are no cell phones on studio floor while practicing for any reason. If you bring your phone in, turn it off or silence it. If you are expecting a call, text or email, practice another day. 

  • Please refrain from bringing in books, e-readers, bags, cell phones, etc. on the floor. There is a space provided for your belongings when you check in. *I-Watches / Apple Watches, please refrain from checking them during class. *See rules for cell phones

  • Jewelry - keep it simple or better yet nothing at all. Dangling earrings can get caught while you practice.

  • Footwear - please wear shoes to the studio/class and remove them in the 'shoe zone'. No shoes, no shirt, no enter. 

  • Ruth understands that everyone could have a potentially favorite spot in the studio, however there are NO reserved spaces except in the chair classes. Reserved spaces are due to health concerns or conditions. Eg: vision impairment, walking, hearing, etc.                                      Please refrain from asking someone to move. 

  • Bring a personal towel if needed and a shatter proof/spill proof water bottle. There is a water fountain in the back of the studio.

  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the studio floor for any reason. (Exceptions are made for Chair Students along with walking aides such as walkers, canes, etc.) Contact Ruth for exceptions. 804-229-6961 / House slippers can be worn for chair students also. If street shoes are worn, those practicing, their mats are placed closest to the door for minimal wear on the floor.

  • This is for sanitary reasons. No exceptions will be made.

  • If you do not like practicing without shoes, bring a pair of non-outdoor worn shoes in to wear. 

  • Loaner mats are available (no loaners available during COVID-19), please use a disinfectant wipe after your use. (Inhale Yoga provides disinfectant wipes) PLEASE visit the COVID-19 Studio Etiquette.

  • Be mindful of a student close to you who might be meditating or gathering their thoughts. Keep talking levels to a minimum or wait until after class.

  • You cannot leave class early. If you have to be some place, practice another day.

  • PLEASE respect your teacher/instructor and other students and refrain from giggling/laughing during class. Some students take their practice very seriously.

  • Payment is expected when services are rendered. You can pay online prior to class, before or after your class. Any concerns contact Ruth for further information or details. 

  • Inhale Yoga teaches group taught classes, please refrain from 'going rogue'.

    Ruth takes a lot of time planning your class, please follow the instructed class or sign up for a private class.

  • Enjoy your practice and the peace it brings you. PLEASE read the COVID Etiquette page.



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